Fewer and fewer of the goods we consume in Australia are actually made in Australia. Because of our high labour costs, nearly all our clothing is made in China or India or elsewhere.

It came as both a surprise and delight to discover that the Corka brand of bathers/swimmers/togs/budgie smugglers -or whatever you prefer to call them – are actually made here in Australia.

Manufactured in New South Wales, they are stylish and durable with flat seam stitching for a smooth look and comfort.

Former tennis ace Pat Rafter promotes the Bond brand of underwear as “comfy undies” but Corka really puts comfort back into the Aussie Cossie in losing the daggy-ness and drag-in-the-water of the ever-popular “boardies” as swimwear.

Great fit, nice fabric, good colours and even if you don’t have the great bod to pour into them, you’re not going to feel embarrassed in a pair of Corkas – they snugly hold everything in place!

And despite all the chlorine in our pools, they hold up well even after lots of use and time in the pool and the sun – retaining colour, shape and elasticity.

Speedos are apparently no longer Australian made so check out Corkas for a True Blue Aussie Cossie next time you need a pair of togs or want something sleeker in the water.

Have to admit here to hubby trialling a pair of free Corkas gratefully accepted from the company but we’re more than happy to endorse the brand for the value they represent.