It’s official – the Flat White coffee is an Australian invention. Well, at least according to Wikipedia. This came as no surprise because a request for a Flat White coffee during a recent visit to the UK was generally met with a blank look. And even those who claimed to know how to make it, failed miserably – with a couple of notable exceptions. Continue reading


My name is Dawn and I am an endangered Australian Bilby

Whilst the rest of the world celebrates Easter by eating too many chocolate bunnies, Australians have the option of eating bunny or bilby – our indigenous, cute, furry, burrowing, nocturnal marsupial.

The bilby is a bandicoot with pale grey fur, a long black tail with a white tip, a pointed nose and huge ears. Like kangaroos and koalas, the female has a pouch and can produce several litters of up to three baby bilbies each year.  Continue reading