No Tree – No Me!

Often referred to as a “Koala Bear”, this cute and loveable Aussie icon is, in fact, a marsupial and not a member of the bear family. They raise their young in a pouch, live on the leaves of eucalyptus (gum) trees and sleep an awful lot. They are the hippies of the animal world and creatures of the night.

I saw my first wild koala on Magnetic Island off the north Queensland coast nearly two decades ago and since then have had the privilege of volunteering with the Central Queensland Koala Volunteers and helping them fund-raise, record koala sightings, catch them and, on occasion, rehabilitate them back into the bush. Continue reading


My name is Dawn and I am an endangered Australian Bilby

Whilst the rest of the world celebrates Easter by eating too many chocolate bunnies, Australians have the option of eating bunny or bilby – our indigenous, cute, furry, burrowing, nocturnal marsupial.

The bilby is a bandicoot with pale grey fur, a long black tail with a white tip, a pointed nose and huge ears. Like kangaroos and koalas, the female has a pouch and can produce several litters of up to three baby bilbies each year.  Continue reading